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fifteen dollar christmas treee

this is not an online zine. i was just hoping that by having a page more people would be intrested in the zine. its a glimpse into the apathetic life of 15dct.

ummm...15dct is a zine written by a few girls not neccasarly devoted to punk or anything else... so

leave your scent

some "news"

We are going to have a change of address. as if you care. but we have issue 3 basically done. withing the next 3-5 years it'll be in mailboxes across the world- yours too if you would like it to be! just write... we are no longer distroing ANY of the first two issues. they're dead and gone.

for all those lovely folks who love the zine and want more, issue 4 sorta but not really in the the works. we want some people to contribute, and have a few. Since we are doing short issues this one should wrap up quickly. HAHA not with myself as editor! it'll be next year, even though i asked for less hours at work. please write to us and make us feel loved (and not so pathetic like the geeks we are). even a postcard. an envelope with out a letter... anything. we have no friends...

erased all the bs on 9/11/00

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issue 1

issue 2

issue 3

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the current national debt is

the current population is

i love the band weston. they recently released tour dates, after 4 years of nothingness. and have a webpage =weston=
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